Flat Roofing


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Flat roofing services

Kingsley Roofing (Midlands) Ltd can install a wide range of flat roof systems that have been fully tested and are proven to provide cost effective long term solutions, tackling many of the problems associated with the more traditional flat roof coverings. Our aim is to ensure our products provide a superior covering that is maintenance free and provides great value in terms of long term cost. The flat roof systems Kingsley Roofing (Midlands) Ltd can install include:

Single Ply flat roofing Systems- The single ply roofing market is fast growing as it provides solutions for both refurbishment and new build projects by the use of up to date technology.
Single Ply membranes offer a lightweight, flexible product whilst at the same time remaining economically feasible. The system works by being mechanically fastened or adhered to the roof and is then sealed at the seams.
Kingsley recommend that these single ply solutions be used on flat, pitched and irregular roof forms and they are also ideal for green roof solutions such as garden roofs. Kingsley are approved installers for the following single ply systems: Armourplan, Cefil, Resitrix, Icopal, FDT Rhenofol and Rhepanol.

Green roofs- Kingsley Roofing (Midlands) Ltd is committed to improving the environment by offering a number of green roof solutions.  We have recently become a Bauder approved installer, emphasising our commitment to meet the ever growing demand for low carbon housing.  
The benefits of green roofs:

  • Water run off is conserved and controlled;  the thinnest green roof system can absorb up to 40% of average rainfall with the remainder draining off at a much slower rate than on a standard roof.  When deeper soil is used up to 90% of average rainfall can be absorbed on intensive green roofing systems.
  • Micro habitats are created by using this system which if installed in towns and cities will help improve the biodiversity of local wildlife.
  • Green roofs can help to aid planning consent especially if local governments need to meet sustained environmental policies.
  • Green roofs can reduce construction costs, as the material used eliminates the need for screed, this lack of screed reduces the overall weight and lowers costs providing additional savings. They can also lower the buildings’ running costs as the materials used improve the thermal insulation of the building.
  • Noise reduction qualities of green roofs are excellent and are especially effective for buildings close to airports or industrial developments.

Liquid flat roofing Systems- The biggest benefit of the liquid flat roofing system is that it can be used on almost all roofing surfaces such as asbestos coated sheets. This system also provides a quick and easy fix for roofing repairs without the need for a heat application and can be applied in most weather conditions. Kingsley are approved installers for the following liquid systems: Kemper, Sealoflex and  Acrypol.

Flat roofing felts- Kingsley Roofing (Midlands) Ltd are approved installers for the following felt systems: Bauder , Icopal, Delta and Bailey.

Kingsley Roofing (Midlands) Ltd can also supply and fit the following to your flat roof: Polycarbonate Rooflights, loft access hatches and sun pipes.