Roofing Disciplines

Kingsley Roofing Midlands offer roofing solutions for pitched and flat properties, as well as mansard roofs, for a range of clients across a variety of sectors. We provide roofing services to commercial clients in a variety of industries in the public and private sector, from a small commercial refurbishment to large new housing developments.

Each project is managed using our established procedures by experienced Kingsley team members. We have been approved by major manufacturers to install their products and therefore can offer a variety of products to suit your requirements, and can help you decide on what is most appropriate for your design, or we can work under specifications for particular products, including Triflex, BMI and Bauder.

The pitched roofing options we offer:

– Tiled roofs: pitched, vertical and mansard
– Lead roofing (including lead roofs and lead detailing)
– Slating (natural slate, man-made slate and traditional slate)
– uPVC fascias
– Gutters and rainwater good replacement as part of additional works.

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Green roof systems

Green roof systems offer many benefits:

  • Water levels can be controlled through conserving water, as even the thinnest green roof system can absorb up to 40% of average rainfall. Water that cannot be absorbed drains off at a slower pace than on a standard roof. If a deeper green roof is installed, up to 90% of average rainfall can be absorbed.
  • A micro-climate is produced which increases the biodiversity of areas which is particularly of use in urban areas as it provides a habitat for local wildlife. They also are aesthetically pleasing; more so than a traditionally-finished flat roof.
  • They can insulate buildings below from noise; especially useful for buildings close to loud travel areas or venues.

Kingsley Roofing Midlands have installed numerous green roofs across the Midlands, often as part of a multi-disciplinary project. Get in touch to learn more.

Liquid flat roofing systems
Liquid roofing offers many benefits, including its flexibility for use on a variety of roof types. It has no laps or seams, and provides a quality finish where other methods would not, and comes in a range of colours and finishes.

Kingsley Roofing Midlands are approved installers of various systems, inducluding Kemper, Triflex and BMI, often under insurance-backed guarantees.

Single ply roofing systems

Single ply roofing is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects as it its flexible yet durable, and is fixed mechanically or adhered to the roof and sealed. Single ply is lightweight and good value for flat, pitched and irregular roofs, and can be overlaid with a green roof.

Kingsley Roofing Midlands are approved installers for many leading industry manufacturers, such as Sarnafil, BMI, Danosa and Bauder.

Traditional felt roof systems

Built up felt roofing is the most traditional modern type of roofing, and it stands the test of time due to its versatility, durability and cost.

Kingsley Roofing Midlands are approved installers for the felt systems manufactured by leading companies, such as Bauder, Icopal, Axter, Danosa and Triflex.

Flame free felt systems
Kingsley Roofing are part of the Safe2Torch Campaign and we advocate for flame-free systems wherever possible. We can install felt systems using alternative means, so if your project or site requires, we can work flame-free

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